What Exactly Is Laser Dentistry?

How laser dentistry from your dentist in Wilmington, DE, can help your smile

If you haven’t heard about the advantages of laser dentistry, then you are in for a treat. Lasers make dental appointments easier, quicker, and more comfortable than you’ve ever thought possible.

Dr. Laura Dougherty at Dougherty Dental Solutions in Wilmington, DE, offers a wide range of dental services, including laser dentistry to help your smile.

Laser technology uses heat and light to diagnose and treat a wide variety of dental issues.

For diagnosis, dental lasers are helpful to detect:

  • Tooth decay in the deep pits and crevices of your teeth, which are not easily visible
  • Tooth decay in between teeth, which is a commonplace for decay to begin
  • Abnormal or potentially cancerous soft tissue during an oral cancer screening

For treatment of problems involving your soft tissue, dental lasers are helpful to treat:

  • Excessive gum tissue, by removing and re-contouring areas of excessive gum growth
  • Periodontal pockets, by killing bacteria within deep periodontal pockets
  • Periodontal gum surgery, by repositioning gums to reduce or eliminate deep pocket areas

For treatment of problems involving your teeth or bones, dental lasers are helpful to treat:

  • Tooth decay, by removing areas of tooth decay to reach healthy tooth structure
  • Tooth preparation, by precisely cutting tooth structure in order to place a filling or crown

Let’s take a look at some important advantages laser dentistry provides. Consider that laser dentistry is:

  • Quicker, because lasers can prepare soft and hard tissue faster than conventional handpieces
  • Quieter, because lasers create very little noise, making them an excellent option for patients who are anxious about dental treatment
  • More precise, because lasers offer exact cutting, which means conservation of healthy tissue
  • More comfortable, because laser dentistry procedures require less downtime, with less bleeding, and a faster healing rate, with minimal to no scarring

You and your smile deserve to enjoy the benefits of laser dentistry. To learn more about the benefits of laser dentistry and how it can help your smile, call Dr. Laura Dougherty at Dougherty Dental Solutions in Wilmington, DE. You can reach her by calling (302) 475-3270, so call now!

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