The Problems Veneers Can Fix

Veneers are a very versatile treatment that can help correct a variety of dental imperfections. They are thin tooth-shaped shells that are bonded onto your teeth. Veneers don't require as much of the tooth to be reshaped as a traditional crown, which makes them an attractive choice for multiple restorations. It may be difficult to tell apart a crown from a veneer once they are set, but they correct different types of problems. To learn more about your cosmetic dentistry options in Wilmington, DE, reach out to Dr. Laura Dougherty of Dougherty Dental Solutions.

Chipped Teeth

When teeth are severely damaged and need extra protection then a dental crown may be prescribed. But for minor chips and cracks, a dental veneer can restore your tooth's natural appearance.

Misshapen Teeth

Dental veneers can restore teeth to their natural appearance, but they can also improve upon it. They are often used when your natural teeth are either oddly shaped or too short so they match the rest of your smile.

Slight Gaps

By using veneers that are slightly larger than the original teeth small gaps between teeth can be eliminated. Larger gaps may need to be corrected by other means.

Crooked Teeth

Same as with slight gaps, a veneer can correct a tooth that is crooked but may only be effective for minor problems. Only orthodontic care can fix teeth that are more severely misaligned.

Stained Teeth

Traditional teeth whitening can remove stains that affect the enamel on your teeth. Typically those caused by colorful foods, coffee, and tobacco are the ones that are best suited for the treatment. Stains that are caused by trauma, medication, or even age, cannot be whitened as the problem is usually not on the enamel but underneath, so a veneer can help.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Wilmington, DE

One of the biggest advantages of dental veneers, and one of their more common uses, is to restore a complete smile, correcting multiple smile imperfections all at once.

If you want to find out if you're a candidate for veneers schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation in Wilmington, DE, today with Dr. Dougherty of Dougherty Dental Solutions by dialing (302) 475-3270.

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