What To Know About Laser Dentistry

Lasers have made many medical procedures easier and faster and offer the same benefits for dental treatment. In fact, the next time you visit your Wilmington, DE, dentists, Drs. Paige King and Laura Dougherty, you may receive a laser dentistry treatment for one of these issues.

Cavity treatment

Lasers can be used to treat and find cavities. The devices are so sensitive that they can even detect small pits that may one day become cavities. Due to their small size, the pits won't appear on X-rays.

Thanks to lasers, even the smallest cavities and pre-cavities can be detected and treated, reducing damage to your teeth. When you have a cavity, lasers remove the decayed portion of your tooth with no pain in many cases.

A gummy smile

Do you display too much gum tissue when you smile? Gummy smiles may not affect your oral health, but they can certainly make you feel a little self-conscious. Dental lasers precisely target and remove excess gum tissue, making your teeth look longer.

Tooth sensitivity

Do your teeth hurt when you drink or eat hot, cold, or sugary foods? Although you can buy toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth in Wilmington stores, the paste isn't always helpful. Laser treatment reduces sensitivity by sealing the hollow, exposed tubes on your roots that are responsible for the problem.

Canker sores

Open sores and ulcers usually go away on their own in a few weeks. Laser treatment offers a simple solution when the sores linger or you have recurrent sores. The therapy speeds healing and eliminates your pain.

Denture Issues

Poorly fitting dentures make it difficult to chew and speak clearly and may irritate your gums. During laser therapy, your dentist reshapes the folds in your gums, improving the fit of your dentures.

Gum disease 

Lasers decrease bleeding, pain and swelling and shorten the gum surgery recovery period. Dental lasers are used to kill bacteria in deep pockets, removed diseased or damaged gum tissue, and promote reattachment of the gums to the teeth.

Laser dentistry helps you protect your smile and maintain good oral health! Call your dentists in Wilmington, DE, Drs. Paige King and Laura Dougherty, at (302) 475-3270 to schedule your appointment.

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