Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’re ashamed or dissatisfied with your smile, you are not alone. Plenty of individuals are embarrassed by their smiles, whether due to yellowing, chipped, misaligned, or chipped teeth. These aesthetic concerns could lead to more serious dental issues later on, including difficulty chewing, jaw pain, and gum disease. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry treatment can help fix these issues, give you back your radiant smile, and restore your overall oral health.

At Dougherty Dental Solutions in Wilmington, DE, your dentists Dr. Laura Dougherty and Dr. Paige King use various cosmetic dentistry solutions not only for addressing your oral health but your overall wellbeing as well. With this in mind, below are problems that cosmetic dentistry solutions can treat:

Yellow, Stained, or Discolored Teeth

Teeth discoloration could result from all kinds of things such as smoking, consuming drinks and foods that stain, your genetics, and natural aging. The most common treatment for this is professional in-office whitening. However, in cases where there are significant and deeper stains that whitening can’t fix, dental veneers are a great option.

Chipped Teeth

Left unresolved, a seemingly innocent chipped tooth could result in a severe infection and damage to the surrounding gums and teeth. To fix chipped teeth, you can opt for composite bonding, dental crowns, or dental veneers.

Misshapen Teeth

Aside from giving your smile an uneven and odd appearance, weirdly-shaped teeth could likewise cause more severe problems such as infections and even misalignment. Misshapen teeth can be corrected using crowns or veneers.

Crowded or Crooked Teeth

Aside from a misaligned smile, crooked or crowded teeth could have a substantial effect on your oral health. In most cases, they could cause gum disease, tooth loss, bone loss, and unnecessary tooth wear and tear. For minor crowding or crookedness, veneers may work. Otherwise, orthodontic treatment may be needed.

Lost Teeth

Like misshapen teeth, missing teeth could result in a broad range of problems including bone loss, shifting teeth, a bad bite, and an increased risk for infections. To fix this issue, you can choose from crowns and bridges, dentures, or dental implants.

Need Some Help Beautifying Your Smile?

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