When Do You Need a Dental Crown?

What's your dental need? For many people, it's the restoration of a failing tooth. At Dougherty Dental Solutions in Wilmington, DE, Dr. Laura Dougherty and Dr. Paige King provide dental crowns that save compromised teeth and complete more complex restorative procedures. Learn more about this versatile family dentistry service here.

Uses for a dental crown

A dental crown is a restoration made of premium-quality porcelain. Made according to your specific dentition, a crown is tooth-shaped, covering a weak, cracked, worn, decayed or abscessed tooth. It remakes your tooth's hard structure and appearance, and even better, it allows you to keep your tooth, avoiding extraction.

A crown lasts for many years with diligent home hygiene habits and in-office professional cleanings and exams. Your tooth will look normal, feel healthy and bite and chew with exceptional efficiency and strength. Also, family dentists in Wilmington use dental crowns as the final step in root canal therapy, in the placement of dental implants and to affix conventional bridgework to adjoining natural teeth.

Do you need one?

Dr. Dougherty or Dr. King can tell you for sure as they look at your tooth, ask about any problems you may have with it and take X-rays. Simple oral impressions copy the tooth's size and shape.

As you wait for your permanent crown, you may wear a temporary one so you can bite and chew easily. Your dentist will remove it when they bond the permanent crown over your tooth.

Crown care

To keep your crown margins free of harmful plaque build-up, brush twice a day with a non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste. Ask your family dentist about a bite guard if you grind your teeth. Bruxism damages natural enamel and restorations, too. Finally, see the team at Dougherty Dental Solutions in Wilmington semi-annually for an exam and hygienic cleaning.

Learn more

If you need a dental crown or think you do, don't hesitate to call Dr. Dougherty or Dr. King for a consultation. Phone Dougherty Dental Solutions in Wilmington, DE, at (302) 475-3270.

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