Best Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

Find out why so many people with tooth loss are turning to dental implants. 

You’ve just lost a permanent tooth—now what? Here at the Wilmington, DE, office of dentists, Dr. Laura Dougherty and Dr. Paige King, we can, fortunately, give you a new and improved smile with dental implants. Here are the top reasons why so many people are choosing this tooth restoration option.

Preserve Bone 

When you lose a tooth, you also begin to lose jawbone density. Even within the first year of untreated tooth loss bone loss, this can become significant. To prevent bone loss and subsequent changes to your facial structure, our Wilmington, DE, dentists can place dental implants into the jawbone where it replaces missing tooth roots, keeping the jaw healthy and strong.

Functions like Real Teeth 

Your number one priority apart from just replacing your missing tooth or teeth is to choose a restoration that will most closely resemble a real tooth. After all, you want a tooth that will feel and function like natural teeth so they feel comfortable the minute that they are placed. Implants really do act just like real teeth, restoring chewing and speaking so that you never have to worry about speech problems caused by tooth loss or have trouble eating the foods you love.

A Tooth for Life 

After tooth loss, we’re pretty sure you never want to face this issue again. The same rule also applies to false teeth. That’s another reason to consider dental implants. Once they fuse together with the jawbone and tissue, they can last forever. Implants are truly a permanent tooth loss solution, allowing many of our patients to have a full smile for the rest of their lives.

Prevent Misalignments 

Another common problem with tooth loss is that if you leave gaps in your smile you risk giving the rest of your natural teeth an opportunity to shift into these gaps. As you might imagine, this can lead to more gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, and crowding. Once this happens, the only way to correct these issues is through braces. Fortunately, by turning to your dentist right away to replace your missing tooth, you can also prevent additional changes to your smile.

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