One Dentist for the Whole Family

If you are tired of driving your entire family from one dentist to another, and on multiple days at that, it’s time that you find a family dentist to go to. Our family dentists are highly capable of addressing your family’s varying dental requirements, regardless of their age and their oral health condition. We here at Dougherty Dental Solutions in Wilmington, NC, are proud of our family dentistry solutions provided by Drs. Laura Dougherty and Paige King.

What You Can Expect from a Family Dentist

Family dentistry covers general dental care treatments including preventive care, treatments for damaged and missing teeth, as well as gum disease treatments among others. Likewise, it can include endodontics and cosmetic dentistry procedures. Here at Dougherty Dental Solutions in Wilmington, NC, we offer a wide variety of family dentistry services that will fit the different needs of all your family members, including your aging parents.

Instead of limiting dental services to just adults or just kids, family dentists train to become experts in a broad range of dental procedures. This commitment enables them to properly care for the oral health of young children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. It also fuels their drive to continually study new methods and materials to help ensure that they accommodate the changing dental needs of your entire family.

So whether you are looking for a dentist that can perform gum disease treatment on an aging parent or one that can efficiently monitor your children’s oral health as they grow older, look no further than Dr. Laura Dougherty and Dr. Paige King. You can schedule a consultation with them here at Dougherty Dental Solutions in Wilmington, NC, by dialing (302) 475-3270 to find out more about the family dentistry treatments we offer.

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